Design Graphic

Smartwatch Face Design

Moto-360-day The time and more from just a glance at your wrist! You don’t need your watch to tell you everything, just what’s important right now. Leave the more involved info to your phone and computer.

  • First and quickest thing you wanna see: the Time o’ Day. Big, bold & digital.
  • Meanwhile, an analog watch hand ticks across a 24-hour face. AM on the right, PM on the left.
  • Colored bars plot out the day’s meetings and appointments, helping you easily visualize your whole day at once.
  • And finally, the lightly tinted background shows the sunrise and sunset, so you know how late to keep the BBQ going!

Notifications show up on screen, triple-tap the face to access all of your other smartwatch apps like weather, stocks, flappy bird, and whatever other junk you may need. This watch face deals strictly with the when-it-is and the when-what-will-be.

Click the pics to enlarge. (All photography features the Moto 360)

    Moto-360-face-nite Moto-360-day    Moto-360-night Moto-360-Lifestyle-day