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It’s Been Fun is a collection of vending machines that sell stickers designed by local Seattle artists for less money than they’re probably worth. Each one is just a few quarters, so anyone can afford some self-adhesive artwork without a second thought. Grab your change and find a machine. Your laundry can wait.


Past and Present

Total Crap Crap Shoot

Always only ever 25¢

It’s Been Fun
  • crap_card-eleven
  • crap_transformer
  • crap_wrestling
  • crap_blank
  • crap_stamps
  • crap_scruples
  • crap_threescompany
  • crap_mario-scratch
  • crap_dollar
  • crap_kexp
  • crap_calendar
  • crap_menudo
  • crap_envelope
  • crap_a-team
  • crap_frogger-scratch
  • crap_alf

Wanna host a sticker machine in your bar/store/den of iniquity?
Wanna design some stickers for an existing machine?

Hit me up here, and let’s see if we can’t work something out.


It’s Been Fun is a zero-sum endeavor. The aim is to break even, at best.
If stickers accidentally make a profit, we’ll make a donation to ArtsCorps.


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