Drawings by William Franklin

William Franklin is an architect by trade, a friend, and a self-identified asshole.  On Tuesday nights we meet up for a few hours of drinking and drawing. Here are a few selections from his sketchbook.

Demonic Blimps Bartendinator Foot Mao  Harddrivecone  JennaDiverToo Much  .44 Gun Banana Sausage Melon

Fucked Up – Live at Neumos!

Very excited to see Fucked Up performing at Neumo’s in Seattle tomorrow night!
So much so in fact that I drew this picture of Damian Abraham tearing it up.


My drawing even won me some tickets to the show, from NadaMucho.com! Thanks guys!

U Talkin’ U2 to Me? T-shirt

Adam Scott Aukerman has been waiting so long for some fuckin’ t-shirts that they’ve decided to have Earwolf make their own. Here’s my submission for the design contest, which features some essential U2 knowledge.

U2 Shirt DesignU2 T-Shirt