Poster for “West Side Glory”

West Side Glory

Here’s a poster I designed for West Side Glory, a live “sorta queer variety show,” in West Seattle. It’s made up like those old tour-blank posters from the 50s and 60s, featuring all the acts in the showcase. For future shows we’re gonna shuffle things around and change the color scheme, so that it looks brand new every time! Super cool!


Sketch-12     Sketch-13     Sketch-10      Sketch-09

Drawings by William Franklin

William Franklin is an architect by trade, a friend, and a self-identified asshole.  On Tuesday nights we meet up for a few hours of drinking and drawing. Here are a few selections from his sketchbook.

Demonic Blimps Bartendinator Foot Mao  Harddrivecone  JennaDiverToo Much  .44 Gun Banana Sausage Melon

Fucked Up – Live at Neumos!

Very excited to see Fucked Up performing at Neumo’s in Seattle tomorrow night!
So much so in fact that I drew this picture of Damian Abraham tearing it up.


My drawing even won me some tickets to the show, from! Thanks guys!